The Waterpeople Podcast is a gathering place for our global ocean community to dive into the critical conversations of our culture –  through storytelling.

We wanted an inclusive place to share stories from diverse voices within surfing culture from around the world.

We begin each episode with a simple question: “Tell us about a time or experience after which you were never the same…” and sit with some of the most adept waterpeople on the planet to explore common themes of aquatic lives lived well: ecology, adventure, community, activism, science, egalitarianism, inclusivity, meaningful play.  And surfing, of course.


Mary Setterholm: So Then I Prayed Waterpeople Podcast

One year after founding the Women's International Surfing Association in 1975, Mary Setterholm bought a bus ticket and left surfing behind — her community and the culture she was helping to shape. Mary is a  graduate of Harvard Divinity School has gone on teach hundreds of women and at risk youth the art of riding waves. She shares the painful story of why she left and how she found her way back to the ocean. …..Listen with Lauren L. Hill & Dave RastovichMore about MarySound Engineer & Music By: Shannon Sol Carroll Join the conversation: Waterpeoplepodcast.com@Waterpeoplepodcast 
  1. Mary Setterholm: So Then I Prayed
  2. Thomas Campbell: Chasing Sensation
  3. Jaimal Yogis: Inner Ocean
  4. Watershed Chats: Scientific Subjectivities and Dolphin Culture with Dr. Liz Hawkins
  5. Tory Strange: A Place to Stay